We make safe, quality products from psilocybin mushrooms.

Introducing a safe and sustainable way to enjoy the benefits of ‘magic’ mushrooms.

Psilocybin microdosing and psychedelic therapy is on the verge of reaching mainstream demand.  Positive clinical trials and legislative approvals just keep rolling in.  The Science / Press


Millions of Canadians need the benefits now.


/ Energy

Resist the urge to get distracted. This stack helps develop positive work flows and habits.

Golden Teacher / Shiitake / Lion's Mane / Cordyceps / Astralagus / Eleuthero

  • 25 caps/bags
  • Available in 50mg
    or 100mg caps
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/ Anxiety

Stress is natural. This stack helps control its damage and fight against anxiety.

Golden Teacher / Lion's Mane / Reishi / Astralagus / Turkey-Tail / Skullcap

  • 25 caps/bags
  • Available in 50mg
    or 100mg caps
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/ Boost

Don't let mood ruin the day. This stack helps balance hormones and fight depression.

Golden Teacher / Reishi / Shatavari / Lion's Mane / Vitex / Ashwagandha

  • 25 caps/bags
  • Available in 50mg
    or 100mg caps
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Mental and physical approach health. This stack has a little of everything for 'good housekeeping'.

Golden Teacher / Chaga / Shiitake / Reishi / Turkey-Tail / Echinecea Purpurea

  • 25 caps/bags
  • Available in 50mg
    or 100mg caps
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    We worked with communities and professionals to develop the best product possible.

    From listening to practitioners to everyday people, we developed a product that is both safe and ethical.  This product is measured and manufactured with the highest production standards— not in some home kitchen.

    Working from home, away from the office, was a difficult adjustment for me.

    It was especially hard on those slow rainy days.  I was having difficulty staying positive and on task.  However, after microdosing for a few weeks, I found it was easier to get started and stay motivated through out the day.

    Janice, 31
    Will I get "High"?

    The objective of microdosing is to reap the benefits of the natural medicinal qualities of psilocybin without psychedelic effect. You’re in control of your experience – if you begin at the recommended beginner dosage and monitor your experiences, you should feel no “high” sensation – other than the natural euphoria of feeling at your best.

    Are there adverse effects?

    In the vast majority, there are no adverse effects of microdosing.

    However, if you have a personal or family history of psychosis or schizophrenia, you may be at higher risk for a “bad-trip”.

    What if I experience undesired effects?

    All our ingredients are non-toxic.  If you are experiencing a trip, find a comfortable place and drink some water – you’ll be back to baseline very soon.

    Just relax, and don’t try to fight it.

    What mg should I take?

    Everybody is different.  We have 160 pound males who take only 25mg.  Where we have 116 pound females taking 200mg.

    If you are a beginner, we recommending starting small, 50mg, every 3 days.  If you aren’t feeling uplifted within a week or so, increase your dose by 50mg, up to a max of 300mg, until you find your balance.  If you are feeling dizzy or drowsy, you have dosed too far.

    Can I develop an dependency addiction?

    There is no evidence to suggest that our ingredients have any addictive properties.  In fact, new studies support psilocybin efficacy in addictions treatments.

    Magic Mushrooms are the safest drug according to 2017’s Global Drug Survey

    I'm torn. Which formula should I consider?

    The path to sustainable results is approaching the problem, not solving the symptoms.  If stress is affecting focus or mood, consider our formula for Stress Defence first.

    Should I take with food?

    That’s your choice. Taking with a dose with food will certain dull any sensations, without reducing the benefits.

    However, some of us like the buzz of our morning coffees~

    Can I mix different formulas?

    Yes!  Our formulas (aka “stacks”) have been developed by herbalists and consultants to compliment each other.  Feel confident these formulas have been tried and true over years.

    I am on antidepressants, can I still take Earthy?

    We are a safety-first company.  We always suggest you discuss with a trusted physician.  Don’t be afraid to ask.  We are constantly taken back by the feedback and support we have been receiving from doctors — some even providing tailored schedules.

    Are there risks with taking Earthy with antidepressants?

    Many of our customers have!  But psilocybin works on the same serotonic system as “modern” antidepressants (SNRI and SSRI).  There may be slight risk of serotonin syndrome, depending on the prescription.  We encourage you to always ask a trusted physician.  They can help you find a dosing schedule for you.

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