Coping Without Pharmaceuticals or Alcohol – Dana’s Story

I’ve experienced a lot of loss in the past years, had gotten out of a tough marriage, and now of course COVID … I had been doing therapy and am very resistant to taking pharmaceuticals. In the time leading up to this, I had begun overusing alcohol. I had previously had a variety of experiences…


Supervised Dosing – Travis’s Story

I first tried psychedelics around the end of highschool, and then after year one of acting college I dabbled a bit more. After school I started working in the city, where I hit some rough patches in my well being. Some traumatic life experiences coupled with adjusting to the 9-5 working lifestyle of the city,…


Finding Your Dosing Rhythm – Nikki’s Story

I haven’t experimented with many mind altering substances, I’ve only ever really used mushrooms and San Pedro. My first experience trying mushrooms was with a boyfriend – I had heard of the benefits, and that first experience was profound. After that experience I did a lot of research to understand how it was working.  I…