Finding Your Dosing Rhythm – Nikki’s Story

I haven’t experimented with many mind altering substances, I’ve only ever really used mushrooms and San Pedro. My first experience trying mushrooms was with a boyfriend – I had heard of the benefits, and that first experience was profound. After that experience I did a lot of research to understand how it was working. 

I found in those early stages that taking mushrooms helped me to overcome brain fog and manage ADHD symptoms. It got me to a place where I could get all the health stuff on track – mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I took the occasional macro dose as a cleanse and used microdosing for ongoing maintenance 

Eventually I got really busy with work and school, and it pulled me away from the healthy lifestyle focus – until I had an inevitable crash. 

After the crash I tried hypnosis and learned that I’m receptive to trance states – it was interesting, but it mainly moved me back toward microdosing, because with mushrooms I didn’t just feel physical effects – they also allowed me to achieve therapeutic play with varying states of consciousness. 

I usually take about 50mg a day when working, and sometimes a heavier dose on a Friday night (up to 250 mg). The lower dose doesn’t affect integration at work the next day. And I usually do one day on / one day off. Sometimes I take a bigger dose than that – with natural things like mushrooms, if you listen to your body you know what’s working and what’s not. 

One of the really important aspects for me is the foundation in traditional indigenous knowledge in the americas. I feel there’s a more holistic approach to how we engage with plant medicine than pills (ie. antidepressants). There’s an aspect of ceremony to it. It’s part of the healing work – being aware of knowledge being reciprocal. Mushrooms are particularly great in the North American context – you can grow your own, and you’re not depleting scarce things.

Nikki, 30
Tech Industry/Grad Student