by Real People

It was subtle, but felt really nice, with a hint of the spiritual touchstone that I had experienced in larger doses. The next day, I woke up and felt somehow more stable than I had felt in weeks.

Microdosing mushrooms has really supported healing. For me, mushrooms serve a similar function to meditation.

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Dana, 31
Sustainability Consultant


I ingested mushrooms in combination with talk therapy for several months – I told her, “I want to microdose before the sessions I have with you and be transparent about that, see where it goes”. She was open to it and agreed.

It really helped me to dig into parts of my psyche especially as it related to childhood trauma, recent trauma, and how those related to my anxiety, shame and depression.

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Travis, 24
Film Industry, Artist

Taking mushrooms helped me to overcome brain fog and manage ADHD symptoms.

It got me to a place where I could get all the health stuff on track – mentally, emotionally and spiritually…

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Nikki, 30
Tech Industry/Grad Student

Psilocybin allows me to develop new ways of thinking and problem solving.

It allows me to deal with my anxiety and depression in a way that’s much more in line with my personal beliefs, about plant wisdom and access to medicine. I think of it as a tool in my toolkit; I feel it plays a similar role as therapy in a holistic wellness approach. It helps to unlock our healing potential.

TA, 34
Musician and Educator

I’m more focused in my day-to-day work, and it feels less monotonous.

Microdosing helped me to rediscover my actual dreams – I’m recalling dreams now on waking, something that hadn’t happened in years.  My mood is better, all around, and my relationships have improved as a result.

Andrew, 32
Landscape Architect

Working from home, away from the office, was a difficult adjustment for me, especially on those slow rainy days.  I was having difficulty staying positive and on task.

However, after microdosing about 100mg of psilocybin for a few weeks, I found I was able stay motivated, even during days between doses.

Janice, 31